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Neraines – Yggdrasil (The Satan Records, 2019)

Experimenting with a new compact review format, consisting of keywords and bullet-points.

  • How it sounds: grainy sound, hazy distant sparse vocals, feels like instrumental, embroidery riffing with a crunchy edge, artistic monotony
  • How it feels: elegant, optimistic, nostalgic, oozing, traveling through verdant barrows, ancient pagan soul, from forest floors unknown, mythological, green seascapes
  • Sounds like: Ancient (Svartalvheim-era), Heathen (International), Burzum
  • Shortcomings: stretched out too much, could use more vocals
  • Verdict: A very nice -if somewhat protracted- atmospheric, riff-heavy black metal of a definite naturalistic hue.

29 Aug 2019

Tags: black metal   USA   2019
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