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Yekinary Spirits

This post revolves around a new monster based mainly on Siberian pregnancy/birth folklore. The creature is used as the base material for painting with (very) broad brushstrokes a rough setting with taiga and steppe elements. A couple of tables are thrown in, along with three unusual items (a table with magical coins connected to one of the possible spirit habitations is bound to appear in the immediate future).

As far as the raw materials are concerned, they are the following four beliefs of indigenous Siberian people, all extracted from Aboriginal Siberia:

  • A woman wishing to become pregnant should eat spiders. (Kamchadal people)

  • A child born in storm must be killed (Kamchadal people)

  • Two pregnant women should not be allowed to inhabit the same house, in case the two unborn children communicate and decide which mother should die. (Yukaghir people)

  • Souls destined to be newborn children are hanging from the crossbeams of a god’s house. (Koryak people)

10 Oct 2019

Tags: trpg   rpg   tables   dm-stuff   bestiary
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