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Varypnas (Vrachnas/Mora)

Paradoseis [Fables, or Folk Beliefs] is a collection of folklore (mainly of a supernatural hue) from all over the Greek and Cypriot world (as well as several Turkish places also), published by the folklorist N. Politis in 1904. It spans two tomes, the first being the main work, organized in thematic chapters, and the unfinished second being the notes to the entries of the main tome (notes of extreme length, including a lot of material).

This corpus of folklore has a lot of potential for gaming purposes. As a result, the idea is to kick off a series of posts concerning creatures from this book, gameifying and expanding the source material, all the while enriching a folk setting that I have been working on. The first entry draws from chapter 33 (Vrachnas) and deals with a well-known motif, namely a creature that smothers sleeping people.

31 Jul 2019

Tags: trpg   rpg   tables   dm-stuff   bestiary
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